17 Settembre 2018

Metamodernism is the Thing with Feathers

To determine whether a new literary movement has come into existence as a reaction to postmodernism seems rather arduous considering that a consensus on what characterizes postmodernist fiction, when such current has started and, most importantly, if it has come to an end, has yet to be achieved. This said, the need to categorize contemporary cultural production is apparent given the wide variety of terms so divergent, creative and meticulous used to describe modern day literature, but the inability to find a signifier unequivocal enough to contain today’s most representative writing as whole suggests that the ambiguous nature of postmodernism […]
20 Giugno 2018

200 Years of Biohacking, from Shelley to Delillo

Two centuries after the first publication of Mary Shelley’s most distinguished noveli, so called “modern-day Frankensteins”ii are celebrating their fifth annual gathering at Grindfestiii, a biohackers meetup held in Tehachapi, California. The desire to alter life cycles, enhance the body and, perhaps, obtain control over death through the powers of technology does not seem to have diminished since Galvani’s discovery of “animal electricity”iv, and as science-fiction fantasies morph into reality, art adapts, re-imagining how the future will be shaped with the development bio-engineering, cloning and cryogenics. This essay aims to provide an overview of the historical and cultural context that […]
10 Maggio 2018

Mild Tube Anxiety

After all, I have to admit, I enjoy living in London. Many of the things I ended up appreciating the most are those that newly arrived immigrants tend to despise at the time of initial impact. The bustle of the city gifts me with an anonymity that I happily live within, and while standing in line, day in and day out, on the escalators to reach that formicary that is the underground I am reminded of my place in the world. One in millions. No one in millions. To meet a familiar face on the tube is an exceptional event. […]
30 Aprile 2018

A Brief Autobiographical Account of My Teenage Years Through the Music I Listened To and the Conspiracy Theories I May or May Not Have Believed In

It all started with the Beatles, as far as I remember. I mean, not with the Beatles, just, you know, with the music they played. Yes, yes, if I turn around and look back, that’s definitely who I would blame. I first began actively listening to music around the age of 9. It was really bad music at the start, the kind of stuff that would rightfully compromise my future career if it was ever made public that that’s what I was into. Then came the Beatles: four men, four bowl cuts, and a collection of melodies so sweet you’d […]