30 Aprile 2018

Buddhist Symbolism in American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

In American Born Chinesei by Gene Luen Yang, we find the interlacing of three different narratives that describe the coming of age of Jin, an American teenager of Chinese descent, in an environment that confronts him with being constantly subjected to stereotype and with the quest of finding identity among the judgment of others. While the reader is faced with many of the issues relative to the protagonist’s racial background in American society, one of the recurring themes that appear throughout the graphic novel is the transformation that takes place in Jin and in his approach to the external elements that […]
20 Giugno 2018

200 Years of Biohacking, from Shelley to Delillo

Two centuries after the first publication of Mary Shelley’s most distinguished noveli, so called “modern-day Frankensteins”ii are celebrating their fifth annual gathering at Grindfestiii, a biohackers meetup held in Tehachapi, California. The desire to alter life cycles, enhance the body and, perhaps, obtain control over death through the powers of technology does not seem to have diminished since Galvani’s discovery of “animal electricity”iv, and as science-fiction fantasies morph into reality, art adapts, re-imagining how the future will be shaped with the development bio-engineering, cloning and cryogenics. This essay aims to provide an overview of the historical and cultural context that […]