12 Marzo 2018


By the time I was about to catch that train with destination Zhangye, Mandarin rail tickets had ceased to be the cryptic collection of instructions that seemed to trick me into getting lost every time I wanted to move from one city to the other. After forty days in China communication was still an obstacle, but I felt slightly more at ease when seated in the station’s waiting room surrounded by chicken feet chewing locals: I knew, somehow, I was in the right place. What, instead, I wasn’t prepared for, was a fifteen hour night ride in the third class […]
17 Settembre 2018

Metamodernism is the Thing with Feathers

To determine whether a new literary movement has come into existence as a reaction to postmodernism seems rather arduous considering that a consensus on what characterizes postmodernist fiction, when such current has started and, most importantly, if it has come to an end, has yet to be achieved. This said, the need to categorize contemporary cultural production is apparent given the wide variety of terms so divergent, creative and meticulous used to describe modern day literature, but the inability to find a signifier unequivocal enough to contain today’s most representative writing as whole suggests that the ambiguous nature of postmodernism […]