I am currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where I ride my bike and work as a freelance writer.

This month I am working on a series of travel articles for Matador Network and on the launch of a new photojournalism-related magazine called Andromak. I have just finished writing a review of the Amsterdam Comic Conference, and I am editing an interview with Finnish artist Viivi Rintanen for Digressions Journal. Occasionally, I am still working as a translator for HotelTonight.

Together with my friend Niccolò, I've set in motion Qbrico, an e-commerce support platform where I will be curating content. For some reason, I've been hired by the VU University as well, in the (digital) marketing department of the Green Office.

Recently I've been attempting to learn Python and a bit of text mining techniques. I didn't get very far, but at the moment I am analyzing the hashtags of a massive set of tweets related to the refugee crisis for a project with KNAW, a research center for the humanities here in Amsterdam.

I've started writing my thesis on cultural nationalism.

I'm about to finish reading The Master and Margarita, my first book of the year.

Updated January 15th, 2019.