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This site is dedicated to the exploration of themes, symbols, messages and ideas contained in the book Slaughterhouse-Five by American author Kurt Vonnegut.

In the pages found here, I will attempt to critically analyze the text from different points of view, with a particular focus on the themes of identity and intersectionality, rather than on those of war and satire most commonly associated with the book. By looking at narrative techniques, the use of intertextual references and the structural elements of the story, I will try to define what the constant switch between realities represents and how its meaning can still be seen as relevant today, even after forty years from publication.

Slaughterhouse-Five is here read in the framework of postmodern literature and “Reality Check” is a project born as a result of the course American Literature 1914 – Present, part of the Literature & Society program at VU University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

As I keep re-reading Slaughterhouse-Five and delve deeper into Vonnegut’s work this site might evolve and change shape. Unfortunately, as I still haven’t been lucky enough to get unstuck in time I do not have the power to foresee which direction it will take. Perhaps it’s not so important.

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